Every soul has a story.

What's yours?

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Think of your Soul Story™ as a multi-dimensional Book of You.

It contains all the ways you use energy through your feelings, thoughts, decisions and actions.

Pretty fascinating, right? 

Well, it gets EVEN BETTER!

Your Soul Story™ contains information on not just your PRESENT and PAST but your FUTURE POSSIBILITIES too.

Take a moment right now to imagine how this could turn your experiences into deep learning and wisdom from ALL you've been through, even the ones the hard or painful times? 

Or how about using this info to gain new perspectives or solutions that open as if by magic when you dissolve old patterns, beliefs and habits that hold you back from ENJOYING THE LIFE YOU'D LOVE! 

And what if your Soul Story could help you break through the INVISIBLE CEILING on your POTENTIAL that affects what you even dare to dream of, so you can live on PURPOSE with a SPRING in your step, a TWINKLE in your eyes and a SMILE in your heart?

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Get Started in the Akashic Records

JAN 13-14, 2024

Instantly stop confusion, indecision or overwhelm

Become calmer and clearer in minutes

TRUST your INTUITION and how to use it to clarify your BEST NEXT STEPS, make BETTER CHOICES with more CONFIDENCE

Dissolve the invisible walls keeping you STUCK so you live your PURPOSE, connected to your UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES and HIGHEST POTENTIAL

Speed up your PERSONAL GROWTH by quantum leaps instead of it taking years, a lifetime or more!

Explore the nature of your soul and who you REALLY ARE!

Understand how different intuitive languages can show up and more easily tune into yours

Learn how to play across time to access information, insights, fresh perspectives and ideas

First in 2-part Akashic Record Consultant Certification too!

Akashic Records NEXT LEVEL Immersion


Know how to work in the Akashic Records for yourself or others?
Or want to brush up your skills, deepen your confidence and dive back into the MAGIC that the Records offer?
Then join me for this LIVE GROUP IMMERSION to:
  • Step into your NEXT LEVEL of TRUST, CLARITY and EASE in the Akashic Records
  • Align more closely with your PURPOSE and GIFTS, and amplify how you EXPRESS them
  • DEEPEN TRUST in your intuition and the Records
  • CONNECT with other conscious co-creators
  • Enjoy the PURE MAGIC that unfolds when we gather in sacred space

Includes IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the AKASHIC RECORDS REFRESHER course ($97 value) to review opening/closing the Records, a Reading Checklist and more!


Free yourself from the BIGGEST InteFEARence I've ever encountered so you can emerge as the RADIANT BEING you were born to be!

Self-paced training consists of:  

  • 6 VIDEO/AUDIO MODULES of 3-30 minutes each for just over 2 hours total (excludes bonus training)
  • PRIVATE FORM to ask questions, share insights or connect with others as you go through the content
  • BONUS Training: How to say NO with grace ($97 value)