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What Do People Say They Love About Working With Me?

After 20 years as an intuitive coach/teacher, my students and clients repeatedly say I create a SAFE, KIND, SACRED and LIGHT-HEARTED SPACE.

  • This alone will feel really good, especially when the world can seem so divided, angry or turbulent.
  • But it’s also key to helping you honestly explore whatever you’re holding onto so you can more easily let it go.  (What we resist, persists, right?)

When I’m in teacher/channeling mode, compassion and understanding flow through but NEVER ANY JUDGMENT.

  • After 1000s of readings, I’ve realized there is NO JUDGMENT other than what we create through our feelings, labels and social norms. 
  • When you are seen and heard without judgment, the fear of failing, being wrong or punished can fade.
  • That’s when you can open up to the endless opportunities to learn, experiment and grow.

As a Sagittarian, I love adventures! And life is the biggest one there is.  I've got a knack for helping you feel the SPARK that led you to this planet in the first place.

  • That means you get to reignite your dreams as you  let go of all the programming, imprinting, “shoulds/musts/have tos”, etc. that can weigh you down or stop you from doing more of what you'd truly love.


If you've felt you DON'T QUITE FIT IN, or there's SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU, there isn't!

And I'd love to help you not just accept but ENJOY what makes you UNIQUE and IRREPLACEABLE.


Maybe you’re a coach, intuitive or healer too and want to trust your own guidance more, create a life you love and make a positive difference every day?

Or you need help in valuing yourself more, so you can do what you love and love what you do through your own business?

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If you prefer one-on-one time, I have limited availability for private readings/coaching.

While we get all the bells and whistles added to this new site, send a note to [email protected] to apply for a complimentary DISCOVERY CALL or schedule a reading.