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What Do People Say They Love About Working With Me?

After 20 years as an intuitive coach/teacher, what I hear from my students and clients most often is that I create a SAFE, SACRED. LIGHT-HEARTED SPACE.

  • This alone will feel really good, especially when the world can seem so divided, angry or turbulent.
  • But it’s also key to helping you honestly explore whatever you’re holding onto so you can more easily let it go.  (What we resist, persists, right?)

When I’m in channeling, compassion and understanding flow but NEVER ANY JUDGMENT.

  • After 1000s of readings, I’ve realised there is NO JUDGMENT other than what we create through distortions, fears, cultural/social/religious imprints, ancestral energies, etc. 
  • When you are seen and heard without judgment, you can align with your higher self and the fear of failing, being wrong or punished can fade.
  • That’s when you can more easily recognise your endless opportunities to evolve, experiment and play with INFINITE POSSIBILITIES!

As a Sagittarian, I love adventures! And life is the biggest one there is.  I've got a knack for helping you feel the SPARK that led you to this planet in the first place.

  • That means you get to ignite your dreams as you evaporate the invisible and unconscious programming, imprinting, “shoulds/musts/have tos”, etc. that interfere with you creating from your HIGHEST POTENTIAL and doing more of what you love.

"Alicia’s work comes from a place of pure intention and pure integrity. She captures CLEAR TRUTH and delivers it with gentleness and kindness. Her words resonate for a long time following the sessions and bring the peace that allows me to remember life is a gift…as is Alicia.” ~ Therese RowleyPhD, author of Mapping A New Reality,

If you've felt you DON'T QUITE FIT IN, or there's SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU, there isn't!

And I'd love to help you not just accept but ENJOY what makes you SPECIAL, so you can SHARE more of your UNIQUE and INVALUABLE CONTRIBUTION.


 "After my reading, I learned that I need to trust all that is coming to me, I understood the connection I have to energy and my intuition and I RELEASED DOUBT, which makes me feel MORE GROUNDED and CONNECTED. My biggest takeaway is how we have access to so much if we trust and allow for HEALING and CONNECTION. That our soul is EXPANSIVE and MAGICAL. I'd recommend Alicia to anyone who is curious about their soul's journey and looking to further CONNECT to themselves and the light within and around them." ~ Leslie L. Bost, Conscious Parenting Coach, Founder of Sabios Parenting,

Are you also an entrepreneurcoach, therapist or light leader who's ready to expand your impact, make a positive difference every day and enjoy a life you love?

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“At 55, there are only a few people that I can honestly say have truly changed the trajectory of my lifeAlicia has provided spiritual and practical guidance that has triggered healinginspiration and fulfillment on so many levels. I'd highly recommend Alicia for anyone looking to expand, heal and fill their lives with PURPOSE and ABUNDANCE.” ~ Caroline Cole, Psychological Astrology, API, Psychosynthesis & Bach Flower Therapy, IBFPSwitzerland,