Get Started in Your Akashic Records


SEPT 7-8, 2024



Next Live Class Sept 7-8, 2024

Do you want to ….

  • Stop second-guessing every decision?
  • Explore the NATURE OF THE SOUL and what’s BEYOND the PHYSICAL?
  • Understand the difference between your EGO and your SOUL'S LANGUAGE (INTUITION) and how to trust and use it as a PRACTICAL TOOL in daily life?
  • Discover your HIGHER PURPOSE and expand how you EXPRESS it?
  • STEER THROUGH all the UNKNOWNS and UNCERTAINTY swirling in our world with more EASE?
  • Move through FEELING STUCK, a HARD TIME or LOSS
  • MAKE LASTING CHANGES and FEEL FREE to experiment, enjoy and contribute more than you've ever even imagined?


If that's YES, why not join me  in this LIVE, VIRTUAL Certification course? 

Learn how to explore your Akashic Records so you can DEEPEN TRUST in your INTUITION and CREATE CHANGES you may not have even dreamed of yet!

Next class is late summer/autumn 2024.  To reserve your spot now and get a special bonus, register below.  

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Kari Samuels

 “I absolutely love Alicia and feel so blessed to have found her. She has so many gifts and has such an earthy, inspiring and loving way of communicating her messages to you.

She helped me clarify my relationships with many people closest to me in a time when I needed the insight, and also provided me with some practical yet profound tools to create more JOY in my life and my business.

Have your Soul Story done, you will have such a RENEWED PERSPECTIVE on your life. I would recommend her to anyone!” ~ Intuitive Counselor and Happiness Coach,


Join me in this LIVE, VIRTUAL TRAINING to discover what your AKASHIC RECORDS (Soul Story) are and how to use them to:

  • Instantly stop any confusion, indecision or overwhelm
  • Become calmer and clearer in minutes
  • Reframe a problem in any relationship, career/business/money or health issue. (Imagine how this amazing this would feel!)
  • TRUST your INTUITION and how to use it to clarify your BEST NEXT STEPS, make BETTER CHOICES with more CONFIDENCE
  • Dissolve the invisible walls that can keep you STUCK so you live your PURPOSE, connect to your UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES and HIGHEST POTENTIAL
  • Speed up your PERSONAL GROWTH by quantum leaps instead of it taking years, a lifetime or more!
  • Explore the nature of your soul and who you REALLY ARE!
  • Understand how different intuitive languages can show up and more easily tune into yours
  • Learn how to play across time to access information, insights, fresh perspectives and inspired ideas

You'll :

  • Learn what the AKASHIC RECORDS are and how to work in them for MAXIMUM RESULTS
  • Tap into LOVE and TRUTH anytime you choose, so you can become more AWARE of what’s really going on in any situation, event or relationship and RESPOND instead of REACT
  • Build CONFIDENCE and TRUST in your own INTUITION and divine guidance
  • Understand how to use this tool to GET CALMER and CLEARER IN MINUTES so you can make BETTER DECISIONS

I’ll never forget feeling so LIGHT after my FIRST READING I thought I would FLY! 

My life has never been the same since. Based on what other students say I'm clearly not alone in that. You may feel:

  • EXCITEMENT that things are finally changing!
  • Incredible sense of FREEDOM that comes with knowing you’re more in charge of your life than not (The Truth shall set you free, and all that jazz;-)
  • WONDER and AWE at just how many possibilities you can explore and how much potential you already have


“Alicia’s work comes from a place of pure intention and pure integrity. She captures clear truth and delivers it with gentleness and kindness. Her words resonate for a long time following the sessions and bring the peace that allows me to remember life is a gift…as is Alicia.” ~ Therese Rowley, PhD AuthorMapping A New Reality,

Yes, SAVE my seat for $497!
I'm in for 2 x $269 ($538)!


  • You'll be immersed in safe, sacred space for 2 DAYS from wherever you are in the world! 
    • Live, online group class 10am-5pm EST on SEPTEMBER 7-8, 2024 .  Its effects can begin as soon as you register, and be more noticeable the week or day before class begins, and be active through the entire weekend
    • Recorded so you can review or catch up if you can't make it all live
  • You'll get ESSENTIAL INFO and GUIDED MEDITATION/ENERGY CLEARINGS to help you transform  the PESKY INVISIBLE BARRIERS that interfere with what you really want to experience with your
    • Body
    • Romantic partnership
    • Loved ones
    • Career/business/money
    • Intuition, limitless opportunities, expanded awareness and more.
    • When you dissolve blocks in any one area of your life, they ripple into other areas of your life too!
  • You’ll learn how to use this SIMPLE BUT POWERFUL PROCESS for a direct line to Love and Truth anytime you need
  • You get to practice UNLOCKING LIMITLESS OPPORTUNITIES to uplift your energy, shift recurring patterns, dissolve blocked mindsets and more
  • Each day you’ll learn information and steps to get you started with a LIFETIME TOOL and BUILD YOUR CONFIDENCE
  • Ask your questions and receive LIVE COACHING/ENERGY CLEARINGS as time permits 
  • Download/print your student manual for EXERCISES, CHECK LISTS or TOP 10 ESSENTIAL GUIDELINES for easy reference as you get more COMFORTABLE opening and working in YOUR OWN RECORDS.

What will you get?

  • 2 DAYS of LIVE group instruction
    • Guided exercises, meditations or activities included throughout each day to deepen your personal explorations
    • Ask your questions about the Records, method, exercises, etc.
    • Get clarity on how you’re receiving information
    • Understand how to interpret or clarify what you get while working in your Records
    • Can’t make it live? Send in questions in advance or listen to the replay.
  • REPLAY (video/audio) to download and review whenever you want
  • ORIENTATION KIT to help you prepare for the best experience possible
  • STUDENT MANUAL with exercises, worksheets, guidelines and sample questions to explore common or everyday issues so you can;
    • Easily tap into INSPIRED SOLUTIONS
    • Unlock your NATURAL CREATIVITY
    • Change perspective on anything that triggers pain, trauma or upset so you can feel CLEARER, CALMER OR MORE PEACEFUL, PRESENT or AWARE  
  • BONUS 1 hour LIVE Group Call
    • Join me about a month after training to ask questions, share and celebrate what's shifting (Date TBD)
    • Share insights, a-has with like-minded students who may very well have similar experiences
    • Access for at least 4 weeks after class ends so you can post questions to me for things that come up after class
    • This is the first in a 2-part Akashic Record Consultant training
    • Ideal for coaches, therapists, healers who are looking to expand their services or a great start to your own business
    • I'm not going to say more here because then it wouldn't be a surprise, would it?  Except it's something very practical and beautiful:-)
    • I'm so confident that if you show up and do the activities that you'll learn how to work in your own Records, that I'm offering a money-back guarantee! (more info below) 



I’ve always been intuitive but certainly didn’t know it.  (Funny if that sounds like you, even if you don’t know it yet). 

I tended to remember only the bad or negative things I felt, knew or saw before they happened and decided I’d made them happen by feeling/thinking/imagining them into an actual event.

That was my proof that there was something wrong or bad with me, so I did all I could to fit in and be a good girl, employee and then a boss. 

I ended up as a computer programmer before becoming a manager at one of the Top 5 global management consulting firms, and head-hunted to a well-known global financial services company.


Developing skills as a programmer, instructional designer and director of multiple project teams to implement and manage new technology and processes meant I had to develop a strong left-brain.  I use that to create a CLEAR FLOW, SIMPLE EXPLANATIONS of COMPLEX CONCEPTS (you know the big life areas that go beyond words!) and PRACTICAL TOOLS you can really use. 

It took a health crisis to help me tap into healing and intuitive abilities that I’d resisted for decades. But I’m over that now!  That means you also get to benefit from my CRYSTAL-CLEAR INTUITION, experiences that prove this is REAL and EXAMPLES that help you understand how to use the Records in your life too.


  1. After 20 years of doing this, I consistently hear my students and clients say I create a SACRED SPACE THAT FEELS SAFE AND KIND.
    • That’s key if you’re going to be looking at things that, just like me, you’ve hidden, been ashamed of, haven’t understood or felt you could never share with another. 
  2. NOTHING PHASES ME!  After over 20 years and thousands of readings, I know there is not NO JUDGMENT in the Records.  Without judgment, there’s no fear of failing, being wrong or punished and instead you enjoy endless opportunities to learn, experiment and grow.
  3. As a Sagittarian, I love adventures, and life is the biggest one there is!
    • I've a knack for helping others feel the SPARK that led them to this planet in the first place, and reignite their dreams and plans with FUN, CURIOSITY and JOY. 



"What I loved the most was that one moment in the class when I realized that I can really make this happen, that this is not just a dream–it’s a reality. I love working with Alicia. She is smart, talented, creative, highly intuitive and connected, a beautiful soul and human being. Of course, I would recommend her!” ~



  • You can join me LIVE from wherever you are in the world to learn how to do this .  
  • You’ll become a part of a community of like-hearted souls. (Life-long friendships are often founded in my groups.)
  • Take advantage of Q&A/COACHING so you feel SUPPORTED throughout the course and participate in the PRIVATE STUDENT FORUM Perfect for those pesky patterns that have a funny way of popping up just as you’re about to breakthrough or do something for yourself.
  • As I’ve been teaching this stuff for a while, I plan for the resistance that usually shows up when moving out of a comfort zone by teaching you how to recognise interFEARence and move through it so you don’t stay stuck! (This is invaluable information for the course and anytime you’re looking to grow, evolve or start something new.)
  • Yes, this is a course where we talk about spiritual woo-woo stuff but it’s all about how to USE what you LEARN so you can NAVIGATE LIFE and CREATE in really PRACTICAL WAYS.
  • It’s JAM-PACKED with simple tools and real-life examples so you easily apply them to decisions, situations or challenges you’re dealing with now as well as in the future.




Q: I want to do this but now isn't the best time. Will you offer this later?

I truly don't know if I’ll offer this course again live or in this format.

If you’re reading this, feeling excited and/or perhaps nervous or anxious,  what if there were a reason you found this and NOW is the time?


Q: Will everything be recorded? If I can’t make the classes live, can I catch up later?

Yes, everything will be recorded. You'll have access to the replays and materials to go through as and when you want to catch up on anything you miss to complete or review the course. 

For the best results, I recommend you schedule this as you would any other important appointment for your health, well-being or finances, and attend the live class to ask your questions and get live coaching.

Q: Will you help me figure out why I keep on picking the wrong partner/job or feel like I’m missing out, not getting something, etc.?

Yes and no!

I will give you the tools to help you understand what's underneath those patterns and how you can discreate them to put in new ones.  (The Records operate at the same theta frequency  used in hypnosis but you're fully awake and conscious.)

And I’ll do my best to answer specific questions or reframe how you're approaching it as you explore and practice the techniques for clearing old patterns and creating new ones.

Your questions or sticky issue can also inspire a clearing that I'll do for the whole group.

But the class isn't the space for a private reading(You will receive a special offer for a private session if you take the class.)


Q: Will this turn me into a fortune teller/ reader like you?

First, I’m not a fortune teller!  I am in the business of exploring joyful possibilities, and in the Records, I’m often able to discern which option is a great match or not.  You can learn to do the same.  But no, this won’t turn you into a fortune teller!

Second, when you learn how to work in the Akashic Records you also explore your intuitive ability, deepen your connection to divine guidance and build trust.

When you trust your own intuition more, you may discover other ways that your intuition works with, for and through you.  You can certainly use that  to help with your own life.  And many students have decided to use it to help others too!  (My Level 2 course is one way to learn how to do that). But this doesn’t mean you have to!

If you have other healing/coaching tools, you can integrate the Akashic Records to amplify your  personal practice or other client services.  This is a  great question to explore in class!  

Q: Should I buy myself a crystal ball?

Nope, that’s not necessary! (Seriously though, if you've got other tools you use, we can explore how to integrate them into your Akashic Record practice.)  

I believe the future is not set in stone.  In the course we’ll focus on how to:

  • Enjoy the present, this here and now
  • Release/clear interFEARance or invisible blocks that get in the way of your unlimited possibilities from the recent or distant past (even from patterns you inherited, absorbed or brought in through your genetic or spiritual ancestry, mass consciousness, cultural/social/relgious influences, other lifetimes, etc.)
  • Explore, make decisions and move towards your most joyful possibilities 

Q: Will this give me a happy, stress-free life?

I don't promise that!  Life is a glorious mix of ups and downs so no guarantees that you’ll never experience stress, overwhelm, pain, loss, grief, worry again.  (And I wouldn’t buy that from anyone who does promise that.) 

But I will guarantee that you’ll NEVER AGAIN have to STAY STUCK, feeling like you don’t have a choice, have to make do with whatever life has dumped on you or that you’re not in charge of your life. 

I’m not here to turn you into a happy robot!  But when the hiccups occur, you’ll know how to move them – often with surprising speed.

Caroline Cole

“At 55, there are only a few people that I can honestly say have truly changed the trajectory of my life.

Alicia has provided spiritual and practical guidance that has triggered healing, inspiration and fulfillment on so many levels. Her unique expression is calming, soulful and up-lifting. Experiencing Alicia is an honor, and a true blessing. I would highly recommend Alicia for anyone looking to expand, heal and fill their lives with purpose and abundance.” 

 ~ Psychological Astrology, API, Psychosynthesis & Bach Flower Therapy,

I'm in! Save my seat for 1 x $497
Sign me up for 2 x $269 ($538)

Things you might be saying to yourself?

  • I’m not intuitive so this won’t work for me
    • You were born with the right to access your own Akashic Records. So while you probably weren’t aware of them growing up, and maybe never heard of them until recently, they are already yours to access for guidance, insights, healing and more.
    • Not many people have heard of the Records or how they can help.  The fact that you have and are reading this is a VERY STRONG INDICATOR you’re ready to learn how to use them and create a life you love!
  • How do I know that you’re the right teacher for me?
    • I’ve studied 2 certification methods and delivered 1000s of readings to clients around the world for over 20 years. 
    • In 2004 I created my 1st Akashic Records course, teaching small groups in England and the USA.
    • Since 2013 I’ve trained 100+ souls from other countries to work in their own Records.  (Australia, Canada, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Spain, The Netherlands and U.S.A. included!)
    • I’ve trained 40+ Akashic Record consultants or teachers to work with their own clients/students 
    • However you found me (internet search/rabbit hole, a friend or colleague referral, hearing an interview/podcast, Facebook post, etc.) it’s a good sign that we’re a match.
      • Why? Because life has a funny way of bringing forwards the support you need when you’re really ready to grow!
    • If you’ve read this far, it’s probably because something inside you is whispering (or yelling) to you that it's time to take a leap forwards. So why not?!  Sign up now, enjoy the training, live support and private group support.  If you decide this isn’t for you, take advantage of the *money-back guarantee!
  • I don’t want to waste money (again) on something that isn’t right or just doesn’t work for me.
    • I’m so confident this course can help that I offer a *MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!
    • I want you to get the changes you say you want. So, so much! But I can’t want it for you more than you do.  So this is the best way I know to help you make the most of the investment, do the exercises, and let the Akashic Records and your Higher Self do their thing!
    • *All you need to do is participate in the live class (or catch up via the replays) and complete the exercises. If, at the end of the course you haven’t learned how to open your Akashic Records or use them to get unstuck, shift perspective or deepen trust in your intuition, just send your written answers to the exercises we cover [email protected] as proof you followed the course, did the activities and your best.
    • There are NO REFUNDS for cancellations, no-shows, or saying you’re too busy/it’s too hard to focus/don’t have enough time/someone else’s needs are more important, etc. The truth is if that stuff comes up here, it’s affecting other areas of your life too.  Just imagine what that’s costing you?  Or what else you might be missing out on, or not saying yes to?  By choosing to look at this, you give yourself an opportunity for MASSIVE GROWTH and CHANGE!

When you register, a part of you says you’re READY and it's TIME to be the CONSCIOUS AUTHOR OF a BRIGHT, CLEAR PRESENT and DELIGHTFUL FUTURE!

Save my seat for $497
Sign me up for 2 x $269 ($538)

I can’t wait to connect with you in class! 


P.S. Got a question?  Send a note to me at [email protected].  Either I or Rachel, my wonderful client angel, will get back to you ASAP.

One of the Most Valuable Experiences of my Life

"I took a course with Alicia in October of 2021 and in January 2022 on how to open and read my own Akashic Records.  It was one of the most valuable experiences of my life.

I understood and learned so much about love and self-compassion through Alicia's guidance.

Alicia is very compassionate. She’s eloquent and is able to explain both simple and complicated concepts with great detail, humor, joy and her own anecdotal stories.

Alicia prepared and welcomed me to open up my own Records and use this knowledge to help others and I am extremely grateful for this"

- Rachel Leigh Barker, Intuitive Consultant, Coach and Healer,

Rebecca Massoud Soulful Speaker Coach,

"This is an excellent introductory training to the Records.  I highly recommend it!

Alicia has an incredible ability to lead, hold space and connect with each participant in a loving, grounded and very real way.

I loved the intimacy of the group and the opportunity to heal and transform areas of my life. Thank you so much, Alicia! I look forward to what's next."


Rebecca Massoud, Soulful Speaker Coach,


I signed up for the Akashic Records Level 1 Certification because I felt that Spirit was ready to communicate with me, but I didn’t know how to reliably make that happen. THIS CLASS WAS EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED to learn the tools I now use to receive HIGHER GUIDANCE and KNOWLEDGE.

Alicia’s class is compassionate and welcoming, and I loved feeling the high vibration of the energies holding the class through our experience. My intuition was heightened, allowing me more success with opening my records. I truly didn’t want the class to end! I now have validation in my ability to access my records and a process that puts me in the driver seat for choosing when I want to make that connection.

I can’t recommend this class high enough for anyone looking for the next step in their journey."

~ Tasha Smith, Olympia, Washington

Amy Heirman

 "My work with Alicia has opened up my heart and mind to NEW WAYS of being in my life and work.

I have grown so much on a spiritual level and believe it will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Alicia has a beautiful spirit and is easy to relate to. She CUTS THROUGH THE NOISE and gets to the essence of the moment to provide GUIDANCE and WISDOM to propel you FORWARD.

I have recommended her to my friends as I feel she has UNIQUE skills that set her apart from other coaches. I’m forever grateful.” ~ Principal, The Heirman Group