Akashic Records NEXT LEVEL Immersion

MARCH 23 2024



Leap into the Next Level of TRUST, PURPOSE, PASSION and SOULFUL CONNECTION as you explore the Akashic Records and play with other conscious co-creators to create a LIFE YOU LOVE!

If you've trained to work in the Akashic Records for yourself and others, do you want to ….

  • Explore with me and other conscious co-creators in loving, safe, meaningful connection and collaboration?
  • Learn new content/tools to use in the Akashic Records for yourself and others?
  • Apply your understanding of the Akashic Records and use it as a PRACTICAL TOOL in daily life?
  • Align more closely with your HIGHER PURPOSE and GIFTS,  and expand how you EXPRESS them?
  • DEEPEN TRUST in your own intuitive connection, receiving priceless validation that you receive when working with others?
  • MAKE LASTING CHANGES and FEEL FREE to experiment, enjoy and contribute more than you've ever even imagined?



Includes immediate access to BONUS Akashic Record Refresher course

I'm so confident this can make a positive difference, this comes with a *Money-Back Guarantee!

YES, save my seat!
Rachel Barker - Intuitive Consultant/Coach/Energy Healer, alignedandawake.com

"I was eager to learn with Alicia, having connected already to the compassionate way she interacts with her students and clients. She is clear, knowledgeable, and willing to share personal successes and hurdles.

Her teaching style helped me feel the Records were accessible to me, instead of something off in the distance that only the very special could access. I recommend working with Alicia to anyone who wants a deeper understanding of themselves and how they relate to the world."


  • LEARN NEW TOOL/CONTENT while working in the Records for yourself and others
  • IMMERSE yourself in sacred space with other CONSCIOUS CO-CREATORS/EXPLORERS
  • ENJOY SACRED PARTNERSHIP (small groups of 2-3) to explore your personal questions/issues, to give/receive insight, information, ideas and fresh perspectives
  • ENJOY the PURE MAGIC that unfolds when we gather that ELEVATES your INTUITION, INSIGHT, TRUST, CLARITY, EASE and JOY to your NEXT LEVEL!
  • REFRAME an issue/concern in a relationship, career/business/money or health issue to an INVITATION from your own SOUL
  • TRUST your INTUITION and how to use it to clarify your BEST NEXT STEPS, make BETTER CHOICES with more CONFIDENCE (There's nothing like getting VALIDATION from another that you're really connecting to the Records and not making it all up!)
  • DISSOLVE the invisible walls that can keep you STUCK, helping you to express your PURPOSE and choose from your UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES
  • Speed up your PERSONAL GROWTH by LEAPS instead years or lifetime(s)!
  • Get ANSWERS to questions you have and leave with more CLARITY, COMFORT and EASE
Laurice Engelbrecht, Johannesburg, South Africa

"This (Getting Started in the Akashic Records) training has been THE most profound, life changing gift & experience for me!

It has been a very warm and welcoming embrace of love and healing of my trauma & sorrow experienced, through the passing of my beloved husband in February 2020, to the final closure of moving home where we were together. 

I’ve released eons of lifetimes of hurt, disappointment, self-doubt, guilt and blocks, as well as constant daily physical pain associated with debilitating neck/shoulder tension and headaches!  I’d even go as far to say I am no longer depressedI have SO MUCH more compassion, love, understanding, I am MORE. I am home!"

We'll meet via Zoom to:

  • Learn NEW content/tool that you can use in your Akashic Records or in client sessions
  • Get answers to questions you have from working in your own or others' Records 
  • Go into sacred partnerships to give and receive in the Records (max of 3 in each partnership)
  • Build CONFIDENCE and TRUST in your own INTUITION and divine guidance

My intention is that you'll refresh your knowledge, tools and that GLOW that many experience after their first reading or learning how to work in the Akashic Records. 

I remember feeling like I could fly after my first ever reading.  And my life has never been the same since!

Based on what other students say, I'm not alone in that.  You may feel:

  • Incredible sense of FREEDOM that comes with knowing you’re more in charge of your life than not (The Truth shall set you free, and all that jazz;-)
  • WONDER and AWE at just how many possibilities you can explore and how much potential you already have
Therese Rowley, PhD -  AuthorMapping A New Reality,thereserowley.com

“Alicia’s work comes from a place of pure intention and pure integrity. She captures clear truth and delivers it with gentleness and kindness. Her words resonate for a long time following the sessions and bring the peace that allows me to remember life is a gift…as is Alicia.” 

Yes, SAVE my seat!

How will this IMMERSION help?

  • You'll join me and other like-hearted souls LIVE for 4 hours on SATURDAY MARCH 23, 2024 (10am-2.00pm EST, check your time zone here) 
  • You'll receive INFO and GUIDANCE on NEW CONTENT/TOOL that you can use in the Records to take your experiences in this life to the NEXT LEVEL (specific content will be downloaded this week and may change!  Right now appears to be around moving beyond time, connecting with higher/more expanded versions of ourselves and bringing into the PRESENT, as well as a connection to the Divine Feminine and Masculine)
  • Time in partnerships with others trained in the Akashic Record so you can both receive and give support, practice the new tool/approach or explore anything else you choose, including your Body, Romantic partnership, Loved ones, Career/Business/Money, Intuition, Opportunities and more.
  • You’ll get to BUILD YOUR CONFIDENCE and TRUST with your own connection to the Record Keepers and your intuition
  • Ask questions and receive LIVE COACHING/ENERGY CLEARINGS in our group calls 
  • Download/print your Akashic Record Refresher Guide for ESSENTIAL GUIDELINES, READING CHECK LISTS  and EXPLORATION IDEAS for easy reference as you deepen your EASE  in exploring the Records for yourself and others.

What will you get?

  • 4 hours LIVE GROUP connection
    • Learn new content/tool/approach to use in your personal and partnership  readings
    • Give/Receive support to create positive change, gain insights, ideas, solutions or fresh perspectives so you can become a vibrational match with your next level of awareness, joy, ease or prosperity
    • Receive validation and deepen trust in your intuitive connection through the Records
  • Time for GROUP Q&A/ COACHING 
    • INSTANT ACCESS to self-paced training with VIDEO/AUDIO modules to download or access on-the-go through the Kajabi app
    • Review how to open/close the Records for yourself and others
    • Update/Create your Opening Prayer/Intention
    • Post questions/comments in the PRIVATE FORUM 
    • Attend live, do the activities, and if you don't feel you experienced a POSITIVE CHANGE, NEW INSIGHT or LEARNING, send a note to me after class. That's it!  More deets below:-)
Caroline Cole - Psychological Astrology, API, Psychosynthesis & Bach Flower Therapy, VictorianByTheSea.com

“At 55, there are only a few people that I can honestly say have truly changed the trajectory of my life.

Alicia has provided spiritual and practical guidance that has triggered healing, inspiration and fulfillment on so many levels. Her unique expression is calming, soulful and up-lifting. Experiencing Alicia is an honor, and a true blessing. I would highly recommend Alicia for anyone looking to expand, heal and fill their lives with purpose and abundance.”  

Things you might be saying to yourself?

  • I haven't worked in the Records for a while and I don't know if I can do it now
    • I created the Akashic Record Refresher Course to help you brush off your knowledge and get ready for a beautiful, deep experience!
    • You were born with the right to access your own Akashic Records. So even if it's been a while or years since you opened them consciously, I would be surprised if you haven't accessed them unconsciously or as needed for guidance, inspiration, insights, solutions and more since you took a class with me, someone else or learned through a self-study system.
  • How do I know that you’re the right facilitator for me?
    • I’ve studied 2 certification methods and delivered 1000s of readings to clients around the world for over 20 years. 
    • In 2004 I created my 1st Akashic Records course, teaching small groups in England and the USA. In 2021 I officially launched Your Soul Story's method!
    • Since 2013 I’ve trained 100+ souls from other countries to work in their own Records.  (Australia, Canada, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Spain, The Netherlands and U.S.A. included!)
    • I’ve trained 45+ Akashic Record consultants or teachers to work with their own clients/students 
    • However you found me (internet search/rabbit hole, a friend or colleague referral, hearing an interview/podcast, Facebook post, etc.) it’s a good sign that we’re a match.
      • Why? Because life has a funny way of bringing forwards the support you need when you’re really ready to grow!
    • If you’ve read this far, it’s probably because something inside you is whispering (or yelling) to you that it's time to take a leap forwards. So why not?!  Sign up now, enjoy the training, live support and private group support.  If you decide this isn’t for you, take advantage of the *money-back guarantee!
  • I'm not a professional Akashic Records Consultant/Therapist/Healer.  I don’t want to waste money on something that isn’t right or just doesn’t work for me.
    • I’m so confident the Immersion will help that I offer a *MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!
    • I want you to get the changes you say you want. So, so much! But I can’t want it for you more than you do.  So this is the best way I know to help you make the most of the investment, show up for the group connection, and let the Akashic Records and your Higher Self do their thing!
    • *All you need to do is participate in the live training.  If, at the end of our time together, you don't feel you deepened your knowledge and trust, received insights or grew in some way, send a note to [email protected].  Let me know what you did, what you learned/didn't learn, and how you feel afterwards as proof you showed up to the best of your abilities and gave it your best.
    • There are NO REFUNDS for changing your mind, cancellations, no-shows, or saying you’re too busy/it’s too hard to focus/don’t have enough time/someone else’s needs are more important, etc. If that's coming up here, it’s affecting other areas of your life too.  Just imagine what that’s costing you?  Or what else you might be missing out on, or not saying yes to?  By choosing to look at this, you give yourself an opportunity for MASSIVE GROWTH and CHANGE!

When you invest in this, a part of you is saying you’re READY, WILLING and CHOOSING to being the CONSCIOUS AUTHOR OF YOUR MOST DELIGHFUL PRESENT and FUTURE!

I'm looking forwards to nurturing that in you.

Sign me up!


I’ve always been intuitive but certainly didn’t know it.  (Funny if that sounds like you, even if you don’t know it yet). 

I tended to remember only the bad or negative things I felt, knew or saw before they happened.  I decided I’d made them happen by feeling/thinking/imagining them into an actual event.

That was my proof that there was something wrong or bad with me, so I did all I could to fit in and be a good girl, employee and then a boss. 

I ended up as a computer programmer, was promoted to manager at one of the Top 5 global management consulting firms, before being head-hunted to a well-known global financial services company.


Developing skills as a programmer, instructional designer and director of multiple project teams to implement and manage new technology and processes meant I developed a strong left-brain.  I use that to create a CLEAR FLOW, SIMPLE EXPLANATIONS of COMPLEX CONCEPTS (you know the big life areas that go beyond words!) and PRACTICAL TOOLS you can use. 

It took a health crisis to help me tap into healing and intuitive abilities that I’d resisted for decades. But I’m over that now! 

That means you also get to benefit from my CRYSTAL-CLEAR INTUITION, experiences that prove this is REAL and EXAMPLES that help you understand how to use the Records in your life too.


  1. After 20 years of doing this, I consistently hear my students and clients say I create a SACRED SPACE THAT FEELS SAFE AND KIND.
    • That’s key if you’re going to be looking at things that, just like me, you’ve hidden, been ashamed of, haven’t understood or felt you could never share with another. 
  2. NOTHING PHASES ME!  After over 20 years and thousands of readings, I know there is not NO JUDGMENT in the Records.  Without judgment, there’s no fear of failing, being wrong or punished and instead you enjoy endless opportunities to learn, experiment and grow.
  3. As a Sagittarian, I love adventures, and life is the biggest one there is!
    • I've a knack for helping others feel the SPARK that led them to this planet in the first place, and reignite their dreams and plans with FUN, CURIOSITY and JOY.   
Kari Samuels - Intuitive Counselor and Happiness Coach,karisamuels.com

"I absolutely love Alicia and feel so blessed to have found her. She has so many gifts and has such an earthy, inspiring and loving way of communicating her messages to you.

She helped me clarify my relationships with many people closest to me in a time when I needed the insight, and also provided me with some practical yet profound tools to create more JOY in my life and my business.

Have your Soul Story done, you will have such a RENEWED PERSPECTIVE on your life. I would recommend her to anyone!” 



  • It's LIVE and INTERACTIVE.  Replay is available if you want to refresh or tune in again to content/guided meditation.  Partnership sessions are NOT recorded
  • You’ll become a part of a community of like-hearted souls. (Life-long friendships are often founded in my groups.)
  • Take advantage of Q&A/COACHING so you feel SUPPORTED 
  • As I’ve been teaching this stuff for a while, I plan for the resistance that usually shows up when moving out of a comfort zone by teaching you how to recognise interFEARence and move through it so you don’t stay stuck!
    • Invaluable for the IMMERSION and anytime you’re looking to grow, evolve or start something new.
  • Yes, we'll explore spiritual woo-woo stuff, but it’s all about how to USE what you LEARN so you can NAVIGATE LIFE and CREATE in really PRACTICAL WAYS.
  • We'll focus on one new tool or piece of content to use in your partnership sessions, in your own explorations or with future clients you work with. 
ANITA RAVIELE - anitaraviele.com

"I love working with Alicia. She is smart, talented, creative, highly intuitive and connected, a beautiful soul and human being. Of course, I would recommend her!” 


Save my seat!

I hope to "see" you there! 


P.S. Dive into the Refresher Course (just over an hour) if you want to brush up on your knowledge before we meet.

P.P.S. Got a question?  Send a message to me at [email protected] and I or Rachel, my wonderful client angel, will get back to you ASAP!

3 ways to join. Pick the best one for you!



  • Immediate access to Refresher Training, including your Reading Checklist and Exploration Ideas
  • Live, online Next Level Immersion experience (replay access)
  • New content/tool/insight with live demo when it makes sense
  • Receive answers, new insights, perspectives to your questions and sticky topics
  • Give Akashic readings to be a CONTRIBUTION AND receive VALIDATION that deepens your trust in the Records and your own INTUITION like nothing else!
  • Meaningful connection with other conscious co-creators in safe, sacred and often very joyful space

Gold Member

$997 in full

12 month membership

  • Everything in the Drop-In ticket, PLUS
  • ACCESS to all 4 Next Level Immersions in June, Sept, Dec 2023 & March 2024 ($988 value)
  • 8 x Monthly TUNE-UPs - channeled content, tool, meditation/activation to help you raise your vibration in between Immersions, based on what's going on in our group and/or the world.  15-30 mins in video, audio or written format so it's quick and easy to use. ($400 value)
  • Private Facebook Group - sacred space for you and other members to connect, ask questions, share insights, celebrate changes
  • Live Pop-Ups!  ad hoc and as needed to help us navigate changes in the outer and inner worlds (invaluable!)
  • Payment plan and pro-rated options available. Send note to [email protected] for info!  

Platinum Member


up to 8 Seats

  • Everything in the Gold Membership PLUS
  • 4 x 1 Hour Private Readings with me (regularly over $2000)
  • Laser Coaching to help you trust your heart and inner guidance as things come up.  3-5 sentences/5 min phone call. Anything longer you can bring to your next private session, Immersion or may inspire a group Tune-Up (Priceless!)
  • New Year Activation to honour 2023 and align with the best 2024 possible!($97 value, live & recorded)
  • Payment plan and pro-rated options available.  Send a note to [email protected] for info!
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Amy Heirman - Principal, The Heirman Group

 "My work with Alicia has opened up my heart and mind to NEW WAYS of being in my life and work.  I have grown so much on a spiritual level and believe it will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Alicia has a beautiful spirit and is easy to relate to. She CUTS THROUGH THE NOISE and gets to the essence of the moment to provide GUIDANCE and WISDOM to propel you FORWARD.

I have recommended her to my friends as I feel she has UNIQUE skills that set her apart from other coaches. I’m forever grateful.” 

Kristin Burns - LCSW, Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Practitioner of Shiatsu, Illinois

“I loved my sessions with Alicia, listening to the calls, her connection with each person – deep respect, acceptance, genuine desire for everyone to realize their dream/potential, joyful spirit & intentional response.

The content was very relevant and purposeful.  I would recommend this to others as this forum can support a greater sense of self awareness and purpose.”