A Fresh Approach to More Inner & Outer PEACE

  • Overwhelmed by what's going on in the world?
  • Worried about the future?
  • Unsettled by so many unknowns that it’s hard to make decisions?
  • Or you know there has to be a BETTER, MORE PEACEFUL way?

Then take the next step to join me in the Peace Evolution Immersion!

Coming SUMMER 2022

In this 2-part LIVE experience you will:

  • Get a clearer sense of what's going on
  • Experiment with different tools, approaches & perspectives to RAISE YOUR FREQUENCY
  • Understand your KEY ROLE in PERSONAL and PLANETARY PEACE
  • Learn how to shift from overwhelm, concern or despair to more calm, tranquility, sense of peace or harmony
  • Create a new approach to navigate life's unknowns with more ease and calm

2 x 2 hour LIVE Zoom sessions

11AM-1PM EDT both days


Same Day replay


Channeled Info, Activities, Clearings & Activations to RAISE your VIBE

To use now and anytime you want to lift your frequency, mood and results.


Join me and other like-hearted peace ambassadors to ask questions, share and celebrate inner and outer changes in our private Facebook group

Join the Peace Evolution: 

2-Part Immersion Experience

Save your seat and join me LIVE to:

  • Feel more buoyant, tuned in, joyful and free
  • Learn how to clear interference ... FAST
  • Notice when your frequency is lowered and how to raise it quickly
  • Feel more optimistic, peaceful and energised for the future
  • Understand your contribution to the ANGEL FOR WORLD PEACE
I want to join the Peace Evolution

Who will benefit? 

You will! 

But only if you're willing to OPEN your MIND and HEART, try on NEW PERSPECTIVES and EXPERIMENT

I tend to work best with conscious seekers, explorers of life, healers, therapists, coaches and change agents who want to:

  • Move from a "life is hard" mentality to joyful expectations
  • Reconnect to wonder, creativity and playfulness at will
  • Take simple, doable steps to help expand your inner well-being, peace and harmony
  • Learn how to raise your frequency to benefit yourself and others
  • Feel more optimistic, clearer, more focused or energised on what you can do now
  • Know you're doing your best to make your world a better place

"I absolutely love Alicia and feel so blessed to have found her. She has so many gifts and such an earthy, inspiring and loving way of communicating.

She helped me clarify my relationships with many people closest to me and also provided me with some practical yet profound tools to create more joy in my life and my business. I would recommend her to anyone!” ~ Kari Samuels, Intuitive Counselor & Happiness Coach, KariSamuels.com

Ready for a change?

If you want MORE CALM, EASE or TRANQUILITY in your inner and outer worldSTOP wishing and BECOME the CHANGE.

Will you join me for this ALL NEW ADVENTURE through time, space, consciousness to create a NEW REALITY?


Yes, save my seat for $97!

"I was having trouble taking deep breaths, my chest was tight and my head felt so much pressure...  

After this particular reading, it was like a MILLION POUND WEIGHT was taken off my chest and that pressure released from my headI felt LIGHTER and more OPEN and what really felt amazing was the FREEDOM from that FEAR that was gripping me so tight.     

I highly recommend Alicia to anyone who is feeling overwhelmed, fearful, stuck, and just not feeling quite right.  She's amazing to work with and I can't recommend her enough." ~ Brenda Reiss, Forgiveness & Transformation Coach, brendareisscoaching.com