Evolving the Healing Paradigm

Join me to Evolve the Healing Paradigm on 2/2/24 at 1pm EST!  

During our 2 hours together, you will:

  • Discover fresh perspectives on conditions that have led to pain, limitations and worry
  • Explore a new definition of healing
  • Experience energy shifting to align with your optimal frequencies
  • Energise a refreshing, restorative practice that can run continuously if you choose
  • Enjoy Q&A

Live at 1pm EST, same day recording available.   

Are you a healer, therapist, coach or service provider helping your own clients?  

The perspectives you learn here for yourself can inform how you approach your work too. So come prepared with your heart and mind open and curious as to what else is POSSIBLE for you and your clients!

(I'm not a doctor or medical expert. I will not be sharing medical advice but energetic perspectives that can open you to new possibilities in how you relate with and honour your body, so you can love more than resist your physical experience.)


$22.00 USD or more

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