Akashic Record Private Reading

Join me on my private phone bridge line or Zoom to accelerate your spiritual evolution, align with your highest potential and greatest joys.  Recording option available upon request. 

Think of this as a massage for your spirit!  Here are a couple of pointers to help you make the most of this sacred connection:

  • Pick a time and a place where you can be in a private, safe place and express yourself freely.
  • Prepare a list of questions or topics before our appointment if you like.  Once your Soul Story is open, your consciousness will be expanded, and other questions or topics may come up that are more pressing or important than what you thought you wanted to look at. So please be open to whatever most needs to come up or be explored

  • You can ask about anything, including how to align with and express your purpose, increase your contribution, expand your business for greater impact, etc. as well as phobias, recurring patterns or challenges (aka opportunities for more) in your health, finances, career/business, personal or professional relationships, spiritual connection, trusting your intuition or other gifts, etc.

  • I can't guarantee what information will come through from your Guides/Akashic Record Keepers and Higher Self, but it will be whatever will help you most to elevate your sense of well-being.  We may explore other timeframes/lifetimes, but it will always come back to who you are NOW and what your most joyful possibilities are for this lifetime.
  • Have something to make key notes with if needed.  You can have a recording so there's no need to write everything down.
  • Have a glass of good water.  It helps with hydration, your energy and the integration process.
  • Avoid alcohol/mind-altering substances for 24-48 hours before your reading.  It's not that they are bad per se, but they interact with your consciousness. As your consciousness will expand when your Records are open, these substances can affect how clear and present you can be, and how deep or how far you can go in the Akashic Record explorations.  Basically, they can make you spacey and you won't get the most benefit from the session. (This does not apply to any prescription medications which you can take as recommended by your doctor.)
  • If you can't find a date/time that works well for you, please send 2-3 that do to [email protected], ideally between 10am-3pm EST, so we can check the calendar for other options.  

I look forwards to connecting with you soon!