Tired of Never Feeling You’re Enough?

If no matter how hard you try or no matter what you do, it's NEVER QUITE ENOUGH/GOOD ENOUGH, you're not alone.

It's the most common block I come across in 20+ years and 1000's of intuitive readings.

That does NOT mean it's human nature.  Or that you should learn to accept it. 

In fact, it's the EXACT OPPOSITE!

Now is the Time to FREE Yourself from the BIGGEST InterFEARence of all

Learn the shocking truth about SHAME and its limiting effects on you, then experience the gentle DISCREATION PROCESS so you can ENJOY MORE FREEDOM, CHOICE and  CREATIVITY AS YOU  BLOSSOM into more of your RADIANT ESSENCE


Yes, sign me up!

You weren't born to feel less than the VIBRANT, LIMITLESS, BRIGHT BEING you really are!


But, if you're reading this, I'd say one reason you were is to help TRANSFORM something we've endured for eons.

And, thanks to the rapidly expanding level of awareness on this planet, we don't have to anymore.



Feeling something spark inside?

That's GREAT! It means there's a very good chance that you're one of the COURAGEOUS SOULS I'm meant to connect with for this CO-CREATIVE SHIFT.

It's time to discreate the BIGGEST interFEARence to enjoying and radiating our natural divine essence that I've come across in 20+ years of explorations, trainings, studies and healings.

This interFEARence is linked to the most common block I come across after 1000s of readings with people all around the world.

It's not feeling ENOUGH, not being ______ ENOUGH,  or that whatever we do/have/give is NEVER (GOOD) ENOUGH.


Ready for this to CHANGE?

 To help you do just that, I created this online experience that includes:

  • 6 MODULES - 3-30 minutes each for just over 2 hours total (excluding bonus training)
  • PRIVATE FORM - ask questions, share insights or connect with others as you go through the content
  • BONUS Training: How to say NO with grace

Join me and other co-creators to learn how:

  • SHAME has impacted being comfortable in your own skin and using your natural abilities
  • Discreate the threads that are limiting you or holding you back
  • Start EMERGING as the BRILLIANT BEING you already are!

"The Discreation was unlike anything I've experienced. I have aggressive solar plexus tension (it's where I feel all of my old memories and all that shame within them) and both during and after the discreation process I felt completely empty there. No tension at all. It was AMAZING." ~ Rachel 


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Yes please, count me in!


EMERGE BRIGHTER, CLEARER and MORE YOURSELF than perhaps ever before!

You'll learn the truth about shame and how it affects us in more ways than you imagine.

Then you can relax into a gentle process to free  yourself from its invasive web, so you enjoy, play with and explore more FREELY.

It's like taking a DEEP BREATH after not even realising you were holding it.

You'll get:

  • 6 Video Modules - broken into smaller "bite-sizes"  (just over 2 hrs total)
  • Audio Files of all modules to save or listen to on-the-go (via the Kajabi app)
  • Downloadable activity/journaling sheets
  • Access to a Private Discussion Forum to ask questions, share insights and a-ha moments as you go through the modules
  • BONUS TRAINING: How to Say No Gracefully 

"Alicia’s course is an interesting topic and not one that I have heard a lot about before.  Alicia makes this uncomfortable topic easy and understandable, she allows you to trust and tap into your own relationship with it in a safe manner.  The biggest takeaway for me was how much self-love is involved with getting through the shame you hold in your life."Cindy Schroeder, Bookkeeping Buds, BookkeepingBuds.com


Are you ready to DISCOVER more of who you TRULY ARE and live FREE of the biggest interference of all?


Yes, I'm ready!


Learn how to make the most of this CO-CREATIVE EXPERIENCE, and perhaps why you were led to me in the first place!




Learn the TRUTH about shame and you as a human. (Heads-up!  This may be SHOCKING.  If you're like me, it might even RILE YOU UP. 

But it can also IGNITE a burst of pure energy to EXPRESS & ENJOY WHO YOU TRULY ARE.)


Discover how shame can affect you, LIMITING your JOY, FULFILLMENT, POTENTIAL and ABUNDANT WELL-BEING.


Relax and experience the gentle but powerful DISCREATION PROCESS in your own private space.


Make the most of your experience and what to expect next as you integrate. 

BONUS TRAINING!  Learn how to say NO gracefully

I'm in!


I'm a mother, wife, intuitive coach/teacher and upbeat business owner.

But I'm much more than any role or label. AND SO ARE YOU!

As a life-long learner, I was guided to study trauma in 2022. 

It led to a discovery about SHAME that SHOOK me to my CORE, and CHANGED my life FOR THE BETTER.

Over the next few weeks, I was surprised by how:

  • much MORE AT EASE I felt
  • I was able to SAY NO gracefully to whatever didn't feel best for me. (And without any charge, second-guessing or guilt!)
  • clearly knew what I wanted and able to ask for it

I knew I had to share this!

(BTW, I was feeling GOOD, enjoying my life and unaware of how I was affected by trauma or shameSo this can help even if you FEEL GREAT or don't have a sense of how shame's frequency can interfere with your natural state and possibilities.)

One of the biggest differences I've noticed since I started shifting this frequency is saying YES to my passion for travel.  Since October 2022, I've:

  • Lived for a month on the shore of a quiet, idyllic beach
  • Enjoyed 2 month-long international trips
  • Booked 2 more for later this year (Got a recommendation for Morroco or Bolivia, please share!:-)

This co-creative experience (I can't call it a training, course or clearing for some reason!) was harder to bring to you than I initially thought.  But I wasn't pulling back from putting myself out there, so much as experiencing the effects of this interFEARence.  I've a feeling that what affected me is probably affecting you too.

  • Where do you feel UNSAFE or too VULNERABLE to be seen/noticed/heard?
  • What or whom are you TOLERATING because you'd rather not deal with the consequences of displeasing or disappointing another?
  • Or what are you not starting for fear of failing, making a mistake, or succeeding but not really deserving it?
  • What are you not allowing yourself to dream of or want, because you don't know if you deserve it, can handle it, or might attract unwanted attention if you did?

Join me on this discovery journey to:

  • Reveal more of your LUMINOUS ESSENCE
  • Use or reveal more of your NATURAL TALENTS
  • Bring more VIBRANT ENERGY, ZEST and LOVE into everything YOU ARE and everything YOU DO!

"Thanks Alicia! I think the whole progrm was great, inspiring, enlightening, and so helpful.  It's amazing how one small shift can make such a huge impact.  Please do more classes or programes or experiences like this! I would definitely sign up and pass along the info to my friends.

Thank you again for all you do!"


"I learned that Shame was a tool used to suppress me, and keep me from expressing my true Divine purpose on this planet ... I'm so relieved to be free of it nowI would recommend this to anyone who wishes to recover from the Shame that we were indoctrinated with from birth and anyone who suffered from any form of abuse or addiction that may have resulted in feelings of Shame. Thank you so much Alicia for creating this. Since completing it, I feel more confident and liberated.  I know it will help anyone else who is drawn to it."

Alison Stokes, Astrologer & Healer





This is a good fit for you if you resonate with one or more of these:

  • Are open-minded, willing to try on NEW IDEAS/PERPSECTIVES
  • Believe that no matter how good it is, life can ALWAYS get better
  • Believe the PAST, your SUBCONSCIOUS or UNCONSCIOUS mind can affect how you feel, what you do now or their aspirations
  • Are exhausted trying to fix yourself, fit in, or feel a sense of belonging or love
  • Struggle to speak up or speak out clearly (survival mode doesn't lend itself to either)
  • Prefer to do what someone else wants to keep them happy, putting your own needs second or last
  • Feel STUCK, unable to move forwards in one or more areas of life, maybe find it hard to even KNOW what you really WANT in those areas
  • Yearn to make a difference or positive change but feel like you don't have enough time/energy/know-how or aren't doing enough

Ready to Join?



  • Immediate access to all modules
  • Downloadable audio files of all module content/on-the-go via Kajabi app
  • Printable activity/journaling sheets
  • Private forum to ask questions, share insights, connect with others as you go through the content
  • BONUS TRAINING: How to Say No Gracefully!  Understand why saying YES to what you want and NO to what you don't isn't just about being kind to yourself

"Book right now – I mean it!

I had a reading with Alicia yesterday and feel anyone and everyone who has any questions about their Soul Story or how to GET BACK ON TRACK in their life can sincerely benefit from her warmth, integrity, insight, healing and compassion.

From the moment we first spoke, I was washed over with a sense of CALM and PEACE, and knew Alicia would discover what I needed to hear to heal and regain the love and joy in my own life

Just call – you’ll be thrilled!!!”

~ Pamela Radke

"Alicia provides this safe and loving container where you can rest and feel held and not feel judged, which is really important.   

We got to the origin of deep unrest, sadness and fear. It was like a million pound weight was taken off my chest and that pressure released from my head. 

I felt lighter and more open, and what really felt amazing was the FREEDOM from that fear that was gripping me so tight.  

I highly recommend Alicia to anyone who is feeling overwhelmed, fearful, stuck, and just not feeling quite right.

She's amazing to work with and I can't recommend her enough."

 ~ Brenda Reiss, Forgiveness & Transformation Coach, brendareisscoaching.com
Medical Disclaimer

I’m not a doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist or licensed therapist. Whatever you read here or receive through the online course is not a replacement for medical advice. Do not stop or delay seeking treatment because of you anything you read or hear from me.

I’m sharing my personal experience and results, with guidance from the Akashic Records, to offer you a perspective on shame and how it can diminish our self-worth, heart’s desires and pure potential.

It has changed my life for the better. I hope it does the same for you too.